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Hi Sidney. Sorry haven't been able to visit in a while. Since you dropped by earlier, I guess you know how I addicted I was with Prison Break. :)

You know, when I first read this series, I was quite confused about how the head was passed on. Looking at the photos, I now fully understand how the "cordero's head is brought by the hermano and his wife to the next hermano." I've learned so many interesting things on your blog.


Hi, Sidney!
Again, I miss a lot of your posts, but at least I could cope up. It seems you have more contents to offer than the limit of your time you can update your site, He he he...
Thanx also for letting me know I have a relative by the name of Bien Flores who is a talented sculptor. :-) I learn it only from your blog :-D
More to power to you and your blog.
Till my next visit...

dodong flores


Great ending to your story of the hermano, hermana and cordero Sydney. :)


I like the procession with the lamb's head, what a ritual!


Enfin! on lui règle son compte à ce mouton ;-)


obviously it is possible to eat this sheep - I was not sure when seeing the making-of ;-)


Very interesting ritual. I wonder if Catholics in other countries have something simular. I enjoy looking at the beautiful dresses.


nice symbolic gesture.


Really interesting procession !


Here's my deep comment:

Her dress is very beautiful.


de très beauxc portraits!


To Rayts: I would be delighted to read your "horror" story about Morong and it's Cordero. Please send me a soft copy by mail. Of course I can also buy a book in the bookstore ;-)
In exchange you can use (if needed) any of my Cordero pictures in your book for free.

To Watson: Yes, I saw a Flores the Mayo a few weeks ago but I still need more pictures to do a series about it. I wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to shoot as much as I wanted this month. I almost missed all the big activities of May :-(


i have taken the habit of reading les commentaires .. hehehe .. different views makes life a lot more interesting ..


This celebration must go long into the night!


the hermano and his wife look really grand with that barong and saya. i love looking at people wearing it, simply because i can't wear it.

p.s. i got intested in this Cordero event that i plan of having it a subject/topic for one of my stories to complete our upcoming book (featuring different festivals in the Philippines). i hope you don't mind, Sidney. this event is all new for me and i really want people to know that there is such a celebration. you know that our book is horror right? and it is creative fiction. ;-)


it's weird to think the way i was feeling when i saw the beheading of the lamb.. even though it was only a cake. hahaha!


excellent series - these seem a little better heeled class of people than your usual subjects but equally as interesting to see.

Major Tom

Really intricate rites...very interesting...


Ritual beheading! :-) Thank you for this insight into the festival Sidney.


isn't the head a lamb? but now, it looks like a cake


firstly, thanks for the visit & the link. I've seen this blog way back, it seems that your loving our country...


okay...I honestly thought that was a dog cake hehehehe but cordero is sheep so's a sheep (but it really looked like a dog hehehe)


Do you have a portion of the cake for me ?
Nice scenes !


Cordero = lamb, pertaining to Jesus Christ. It's head getting cut-off must mean the ultimate sacrifice. But why it's being passed on I cannot explain.

wala lang, Sidney, just trying to understand what it is about. Your blog is becoming a respository of Philippine culture. And with beautiful photos to document it. Have you seen a Flores de Mayo recently? I haven't heard of one lately.


madame victorine (dona victorina) coupe la tête d'agneau. elle est une personnage d'un célèbre roman par josé rizal .. elle marche. elle sourit. elle pretend.

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